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November 9th, 2022

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Private Seed Round Open

– Contact: info@ziberbugs.io

In a universe, not far from ours, a dark planet lurks far away from its sun. Life is vastly different from how we know it, as evolution has taken it a different path. Creatures have claimed responsibility for what the sun couldn’t provide. Species indifferent to sunlight and heat have stood superior, but alas, there are more than one… In war with each other!

Brutal battles, murderous raiding and cross-racial breeding overflows every day in this world. Three races, each battling for domination and destruction. 

There is no surrender. There is no rest…


PvP / 1v1 / Competitive

ZiberBugs is a competitive game at its core – this is where the focus will always lie. Battle your opponent with 6 bugs against 6 in a Best of 9 Rounds.

The gameplay revolves around taking turns to position your units on a battleground with no player sides. Utilize likelihood patterns, ability knowledge and creativity to gain an advantage.

Power-ups, synergy bonuses, promotions and boosters create endlessly stacking battle power!

Watch our Full PvP Gameplay Reveal!

PvE Raids - Alone & With Friends

While the PvP Arena earns you tokens for your wins, Raids will grant you in-game assets and NFTs necessary for breeding.

Choose a race to attack. Optimize your lineup accordingly. Battle a nest of bugs – get to the end and defeat the gigantic Queen Boss! Your intelligence and your puzzle-solving abilities will prove most rewarding!

Play together with friends from your guild to increase earning potential and fun. Work together and help each other for optimal gains.

The Breeding Ecosystem

Your race determines your queen. Your queen determines your breeding possibilities. All bugs belong to a race – or two! Hybrid battle bugs possess strengths from two races. Its queen and its father determine its type.

Queens lay eggs – Bugs release Ziberlings – Ziberlings fertilize eggs – New bugs are hatched!

Chromosomes and genes are inherited from the father and the egg. The egg’s genes are based on your queen’s diet. Raid nests of different races and consume its larva to achieve your desired variety of genes.

All bugs are decendants from the 999 Ancestors. These are the earliest bugs in remembrance. Every child’s origin will be forever written in stone, traced all the way back to its Ancestor.

Powered by Blockchain

ZiberBugs is implemented with a blockchain integration. All your assets and currencies are stored on it, enabling true ownership forever. No one will ever be able to take them away from you, not even us. Our existence will never be a condition for your ownership.

Your assets will be tradeable on every marketplace. If we cease to exist, anyone can still buy, sell or make games around them. An iconic tournament win will forever be represented by assets on the blockchain.

In a few years, all gaming will be consumed by blockchain technology. This is the next gaming boom. Your chance to become an early adopter is now! Be part of the evolution – be part of the revolution!

Excel to Earn

Professional gaming has been a dream of many, and a privilege of few. While the gaming industry has kept growing beyond both sports and movies, the number of people being able to sustain a living from it is still small.

Competitive gaming is being played, broadcasted and viewed. The interest has never been higher, and the growth remains steady. The conviction that this industry will prevail is high and widespread.

Excel to Earn redistributes the income of gaming – justifiably giving some of the earnings back to the best players! The dream of being a professional video gamer has never been within closer reach! ZiberBugs is a competitive initiative, rewarding skillful players both participating and providing entertainment through streams and tournaments.

Compatible on All Platforms

Playable and adapted for your PC, Tablet and Smartphone (Cross-platform).

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