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In a universe, not far from ours, a dark planet lurks far away from its sun. Life is vastly different from how we know it, as evolution has taken it a different path. Creatures have claimed responsibility for what the sun couldn’t provide. Species indifferent to sunlight and heat have stood superior, but alas, there are more than one… In war with each other!

Brutal battles, murderous raiding and cross-racial breeding overflows every day in this world. Three races, each battling for domination and destruction. 

There is no surrender. There is no rest…


What is ZiberBugs

ZiberBugs is a Web3 Hardcore 1v1 Autobattler, made for competitive players, with fun as the top priority. Inspired by the best autobattler in the world, Teamfight Tactics.

  1. Highly strategic – take turns to position your bugs on a hexagonal battlefield.
  2. Strategize with abilities, synergies, buffs and promotions.
  3. Watch the battle unfold in a Cinematic 3D Experience.
  4. Climb the Ranked Ladder and become the best!


  • Highly Competitive PvP Arena – Ranked ladder, tournaments and real cryptocurrency prizes.
  • Casual PvE Raids – alone or with friends.
  • Free to Play Midcore – Evolve your free units and perfect their gene pools.
  • Sophisticated Breeding System – Utilize resources gathered in different game modes to procreate your units.
  • Built-in Guilds System: Hives – Play together and collaborate on the breeding to optimize returns.

The Breeding Ecosystem

The breeding concept is inspired by Axie Infinity, and massively expanded upon from there, to create an intriguing and immersive ecosystem.

Powered by Blockchain

  • Take full custody over your in-game assets as NFTs (optional).
  • Trade them in any NFT Marketplace.
  • Multi-chain support – withdraw assets to any blockchain you desire.

Excel to Earn

  • Perfect your skills and defeat your opponents to climb the Ranked Ladder.
  • Participate in reoccurring Tournaments.
  • Earn cryptocurrency rewards – top 20% of players will make a living!

Compatible on All Platforms

Playable and adapted for your PC, Tablet and Smartphone (Cross-platform).

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